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Industrial & Utility Systems Consulting Services

Bridging the Gap Between Utility Owners and Equipment Manufacturers

wastewater treatment installation

It is one thing to state that a person is “open” for business and yet another to be able to actually engage folks in meaningful work which utilizes the best talents of all. I am very hopeful that you will be willing to engage me in your equipment related needs on upcoming projects.

The value which you can expect - at 110% - in water/wastewater projects will include the following:

  1. Assistance in defining innovative ways to obtain the best equipment value (lowest lifetime cost but not necessarily lowest “first cost” or capital equipment price).
  2. Assistance in developing a “point system” in making selections of systems for utilities based on total cost of ownership – including energy issues such as carbon emission reductions.
  3. Assistance in making presentations to utility managers and utility commissions in education of said bodies on the merits of pro-active system selections.
  4. Evaluations (with specific written short reports) for consideration of new or upgrading of equipment – from lift stations to water filters.
  5. Equipment expertise in the development of design-build projects to enhance team building and to assure best value from manufacturers and their agents/service organizations.

The above services are offered at a fair hourly engineering service fee. This is an assured engineering service, guaranteeing 100% satisfaction, or fees will be refunded. My credentials and certification are integral to your confidence in EEI - please review my bio.

To get an idea of the breadth of my expertise, please take a look at the documents available on the Technical Papers page.

SEPTEMBER, 2010 - Indian Nations Break New Paths to Energy Independence

In mid 2010, two progressive Indian Nations in Wisconsin requested energy audits of their reservations' water/wastewater utilities through Wisconsin Community Action Program Association (WISCAP). With the help of EPA grant assistance, we provided a combination Type I/Type II audit, summarized in a comprehensive report offering “no cost” reductions in energy usage that immediately saved the tribes far more than the cost of the audit and report. As is often found in such audits, many motors and heaters were being operated simply due to “past practice” and by installation of a simple monitor, the savings were realized.